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MATIC Market Information

  • Rank12
  • Circulating Supply8.734.317.475,28493
  • Total Supply10.000.000.000
  • Market Cap113.948.288,1 Million
  • Maximum Supply10.000.000.000

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MATIC Live Price


0,5309 1.27%

24H Volume: 1.158,7 MATIC


8.630 1.56%

24H Volume: 35.072,3 MATIC

About Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon (MATIC) is more than just a crypto asset, it represents a technological breakthrough that is reshaping the paradigm within the blockchain ecosystem. Supported by advanced and decentralized technology, Polygon promises superior efficiency, speed, and scalability.

The History of Polygon (MATIC)
The evolution of MATIC can be traced back to its intention to address the scalability and efficiency challenges faced by the Ethereum blockchain. Introduced in 2017 by a talented team of engineers, Polygon adopted and optimized the blockchain framework to produce an elegant and efficient solution.

Functions and Advantages of Polygon
Unlike other crypto assets, MATIC stands out for its advanced technology and functionality. MATIC supports the implementation of high-performance dApps, offering solutions for fast transactions with low fees, making it a favorite choice for developers.

FAQ: Digging Deeper into Polygon (MATIC)
1. How to Buy Polygon (MATIC)?
To acquire MATIC, visit Bittime, a platform that offers an easy and secure purchase process. Register, verify, and start trading. More information is available in the comprehensive guide on How to Buy Polygon (MATIC).

2. What is the Price of 1 Polygon (MATIC)?
Bittime provides up-to-date MATIC pricing in IDR. Real-time price information and analysis are accessible on the platform to support your investment decisions.

3. Is Polygon a Good Investment?
MATIC offers significant potential as an investment but, like all crypto assets, carries risks. Evaluate factors like technology, adoption, and development potential before investing.

4. How to Store Polygon?
MATIC can be securely stored in various crypto wallet options, including exchange, hardware, software, or cloud wallets, offering security and easy access.

5. How to Convert MATIC to IDR?
Converting MATIC to IDR can be easily done on Bittime, a trusted and legal platform, ensuring a safe and efficient process.

6. How to Participate in the Polygon Network?
Unlike Dogecoin, Polygon offers a more technical participation mechanism, through staking and validation. Comprehensive information and guides are available to assist users in joining the ecosystem.

7. Projections and Price Predictions for Polygon
As an innovation addressing the technical challenges of blockchain, MATIC is expected to see significant growth and adoption. Analysis and price projections are available to assist users in understanding this asset’s potential.