Invite referral for points cashback
Invite Now
Invite users to register and participate in this activity, and you will automatically receive undefined% of the other party’s points as a reward;
When the user you invited deposit up to 0 for the first time, the system will reward you with additional 0 points;
How to participate
Check the details >
Register to join
Click on “Register” button to participate. (Please verify KYC before join)
Deposit, trade & referral to Earn
Deposit or trade assets in any currency on Bittime would contribute points for you.
Boost Points
Lucky draw for extra points; Doubling Card for boost your points.
Receive Token Airdrop
Token will be distributed after ends based on your points.
Activity Rules
1. How to Join: a. Register to participate Go to the Bittime app home page and select “Deposit-to-Earn”, click the event banner and click “Register to join”. b. Make a transaction, either Deposit, Holding, Sell/Buy or Staking: For every 100 USDT deposited, you get 1 chance for a lucky draw per day. So a deposit of 10,000 USDT would give you 100 lucky draw chances, and so on. c. Receive points: Earn a certain number of points by opening gift packages; d. Token Airdrop: The system will automatically distribute tokens based on participant point statistics after the event ends;
2. Deposit more to earn more: The system will always check the participant's total activity, and if the conditions are met, you will get the opportunity to open the prize package.
3. Lucky Draw: After reaching a certain amount, you can get the opportunity to open the gift pack for points.
4. Trading of team members for doubling card: You can actively invite your friends to register and participate in the Event; After all team members' transactions reach 10000 USDT, they will have the opportunity to get a Double Booster opportunity (20 are distributed randomly to team members and apply in multiples). The more friends you have on your team, the more Double Booster opportunities and bonus points you will get.
5. DOUBLE BOOSTER: Once the user obtains a multiplier booster it will be automatically used when opening the gift package later, and the points drawn will automatically double; Double Booster rules are as follows: Points after Double Booster = Points before doubling * 2 * Number of boosters you have.
6. Invite Friends: For friends who register through your invitation, you will receive points in real-time and automatically from the total points your friends receive after the friends you invite make any transactions during the event. At the same time, when you do deposit for the first time, you will automatically receive points.
7. Reward Distribution Rewards earned by users = number of user points / total number of points * total prize pool.
8.Apple Store does not sponsor sweepstakes.