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BNB Market Information

  • Rank4
  • Circulating Supply147.585.818,6016334
  • Total Supply147.585.818,6016334
  • Market Cap1.425.142.927 Million
  • Maximum Supply200.000.000

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BNB Live Price


9.703.748 1.14%

24H Volume: 143,895 BNB


604,67 1.37%

24H Volume: 5,69 BNB

About BNB (BNB)

BNB Token, introduced by the world-renowned cryptocurrency trading platform Binance, is a pivotal element within the global crypto ecosystem. BNB is more than just a token; it's a multifaceted asset enabling access to a variety of services and applications, both within and beyond the Binance ecosystem.

History and Background of BNB Token

BNB Token’s journey began with its introduction by Binance in 2017. Contrary to Ethereum’s narrative, BNB wasn’t crafted to support decentralized applications but as a utility token offering transaction fee discounts on the Binance platform. Over the years, its utility has exponentially expanded, surmounting its initial design.
BNB was birthed during Binance’s ICO, marking one of the most successful coin offerings of its time. Like Ethereum, BNB has witnessed substantial growth and adoption, making it a top-tier token in terms of market capitalization.

Functionality and Operation of BNB Token

Initially, BNB’s primary function was to avail users of trading fee discounts on the Binance platform. However, it has morphed into a universal token, utilized in transaction fee payments, participation in token sales on Binance Launchpad, and myriad other applications within and beyond Binance’s ecosystem.

The expansive utility of BNB underscores its similarity to Ethereum, evolving into a crucial asset in the cryptoverse with a continually widening scope of application.

FAQ: Unravelling the Complexities of BNB Token

1. How to Buy BNB Token?
Acquiring BNB on Bittime is swift and straightforward. Create an account, authenticate your identity, deposit funds, and you’re set to commence trading. For an elaborate guide, visit How to Buy BNB Token.

2. What is the Value of 1 BNB Token?
Bittime proffers real-time price updates in IDR for BNB Token. Influenced by supply and demand dynamics, and market sentiment, BNB’s price can be accessed in real-time on the Trade menu of Bittime.

3. Is BNB Token a Good Investment?
Investment in BNB Token can be lucrative but is not without risks. Consider its growth trajectory, burgeoning ecosystem, and standing in the crypto space before investment.

4. How to Store BNB Token?
BNB can be securely stored in crypto wallets – hardware, software, or cloud-based wallets that offer heightened security.

5. How to Convert BNB Token to IDR?
BNB can be converted to IDR through crypto exchanges or trading platforms like Bittime, ensuring to utilize platforms that are trustworthy and registered with Bappebti to evade scams.

Future Projections of BNB Token
Positioned as a nexus of innovation in the crypto industry, BNB continues to breach boundaries with its multifaceted utility and rapid integration into various applications. Its association with Binance's innovative strides underscores its potential to continue its positive trajectory, heralding BNB as a prime asset in the crypto world.